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6 Smart Tips for Crafting Product Descriptions for Your E-commerce Solution Shopify Store

Any experienced copywriter will tell you that most business owners get products descriptions completely wrong. How? They focus a lot on describing their products. And that’s not how to do it because product descriptions are meant to sell your products effectively. If you’re an e-commerce business owner and this statement describes you, here are smart tips for crafting products descriptions that sell:

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Craft product descriptions for your e-commerce solution Shopify store with your target audience in mind

The mistake most e-commerce business owners make is not keeping their target audience in mind when writing their product descriptions. They write product descriptions with everyone in mind, and so, the descriptions end up not addressing anyone. Great product descriptions should be directed to your target market. You should choose words that your target customers resonate with. That’s why it’s important to research your target audience first before you create your product descriptions.

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Motivate customers coming to your Shopify e-commerce websites with product benefits

Another grave mistake most business owners make when writing product descriptions for their e-commerce websites is focusing on the features and specifications. While focusing on the features and specifications is a good idea, the modern day customers are not interested in those. They mainly focus on the benefits of the products. Ideally, they want to know how the products will help them sort out their problems. So when you list a product’s feature, make sure you follow it up with it benefits.

Entice clients on your Shopify e-commerce websites with sensory words

Sensory words tend to grab the attention of prospective customers and increase your online store sales. Words like smooth, crisp and crunchy evoke the senses of customers when reading product descriptions about food items. While it’s hard to choose the right adjective and that they don’t add meaning to your sentences, sensory adjectives can impact buying decisions.

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Adding social proof underneath your product descriptions increase your e-commerce websites’ sales

Prospective customers can land on your e-commerce website, but then, they may not be sure what product to buy. If that happens, they will simply look for suggestions from other customers. Ideally, they will read reviews from other customers who’ve actually used the same product. If they get positive reviews about the product, they will easily buy it. That’s what we call social proof. And that underlines the importance of embedding customer reviews below your products or product descriptions.

Your e-commerce solution Shopify stores product descriptions should be scannable

The design of your product descriptions will determine whether they sell or not. Face it; today’s readers don’t have the time to read through blocks of text. In fact, if they come across a block of text, they will not attempt to read it. That’s why your product descriptions should have a scannable layout. The trick is to create eye-catching headlines, use short sentences and paragraphs; increase the font size to enhance readability and use numbers and bullets points to highlight the product features, specifications, and benefits.

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Great storytelling can make your e-commerce websites’ product descriptions impactful

Storytelling is a great persuasion technique to get people to read your descriptions to the end and take action. Most people love stories and if they can find a brand story on your product descriptions, they will surely read it. However, don’t make the story long because customers may be discouraged to read it. If it’s long, try to contract it.


Before sitting down to write a product description, you must know the ins and outs of the product to describe it to customers. You should explain even the tiniest details. The most important thing is to ensure the product description isn’t boring. It should be able to entice customers to take action.